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We are a young, motivated team that specializes in the development of Can-bus and FlexRay systems. We have been working in this area for over 10 years and focus on maintaining the highest quality and accuracy. Being up to date with the latest technological advancements is our top priority and we have over 15,000 satisfied customers worldwide. Our goal is to offer only the premium quality products to our customers and support each of them individually during the installation process. We are the experts in the market and our know-how allows us to create a unique product. We offer a fair price as we are the direct producers and not just resellers of the module. Moreover, take into consideration that it comes with original plug connectors and is based on the sophisticated software. We program and develop the software separately for each module and always test it before shipping. We can offer the individual solutions for each model as each module is developed for specific models.


The products that we offer to you are simplistic with plug-and-play systems that use original and manufacturer-specific plug connections. Our Odometer Blockers have thick cables with extra cable harnesses that are exclusively developed and used for the automotive industry. Instead of cables from China that most of our competitors use, we only have original plugs that guarantee seamless fit. Moreover, such components will allow you to install the module without in-depth knowledge of car maintenance. To make this process much easier for you we provide the installation video instructions almost for all the models.

All Odometer Blocker tools from Super Kilometer Filter are developed and assembled in Germany. Our modules have multiple modes to choose from in terms of the mileage that a car records. Our competitors cannot copy these functions and only provide a basic solution.

Product variety

We provide Odometer Blocker modules for almost all manufacturers and models. Visit our website and you will see that Super Kilometer Filter is the most powerful manufacturer on the market. We have developed Mileage Blockers for vehicles from Asia, Europe, and America and we constantly work on innovative solutions

Handmade in Germany

On our website, we have introduced the modules for almost 50 brands and 250 models and we produce all of them on our own. Moreover, to give you wider choices for available functions, in most cases we create different modules for the same car. These modules might also differ in terms of cable length as long cables prevent constant installation and removal of the cladding. The quality of the components and all the other functions that our modules provide make it the premium quality in its category.


Latest technologies
Many years of experience of our programmers and explicit knowledge of Can-bus and FlexRay systems allow us to create the most advanced Mileage Blocker modules.
Checked and tested
We check each product separately before shipping it to make sure that it works as it is meant to and you are satisfied with your purchase. We seek to improve our Mileage Blocker constantly to add new features and improve existing ones.
No error messages
We only use high-quality hardware and software to make sure that our customers don’t face any nasty surprises or error messages on the speedometer. Whether the module is activated or not the tool will work flawlessly.
If you intend to buy Mileage Blocker from the number 1 provider with German quality, Super Kilometer Filter is the right provider for you. We pay close attention to even the smallest details while programming the modules.


We have developed an app for Mileage Blocker to provide additional features. Simply, connect your module to our SKF Speed app on your smartphone. This will allow you to control your Mileage Blocker easily without complicated key combinations. After installing the application, you will have access to useful features and you will be able to retrieve real-time information. Our app has a minimalistic and user-friendly design.

NOTE: In order to install and use the SKF Speed app, you will need a properly installed and enabled Bluetooth module on your car and a compatible smartphone. You can use all the features of the applications without a module. However, you will not be able to stop mileage without installing the module. You can always install the device later and stop mileage at your will.


On our YouTube channel, you will find simple do-it-yourself installation instructions for almost all models. The videos provide not only the instructions for the installation process, but also for dismantling the part of the car when required. Since our product is technical equipment, we will be happy to support you during the whole installation process. Our customer service can respond to your inquiries through WhatsApp, telephone, email, and Skype. If you have any questions feel free to contact our highly qualified support team and they will guide you throughout the installation process. No matter what kind of technical inquiries you may have, we will be able to help you as we create the product on our own and we have required know-how.


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